up from the sludge

i took the biztalk server certification exam on monday afternoon as a lark.  no studying at all.

heh.  can’t believe i passed it.  it’s been a couple of years since i did anything significant with bts.  on each question i went with the first answer that popped into my head, hoping that it was something that bubbled up from the sludge of my brain from a couple of years ago.

if you asked me how to implement something today (especially tonight (it’s a little after 3am in new Orleans)), i wouldn’t have a clue any longer.  just shows how misleading a passing score can be sometimes.  also shows how real-world experience can be better than cramming to pass an exam.  i used to know that stuff really well.  (honest)

i also tried the analyzing requirements exam today, and thought i had done really well on it.  but when i pressed the ‘end exam’ button, up flashed this nasty message stating ‘you have failed’.  for a second i thought the testing program was telling me that i had ended the test incorrectly, like ‘you have failed to answer a couple of questions, please go back and fix it’.  heh.  not.

well, the requirements exam is the last one for my .net version of the mcsd cert.  i already have the desktop, web, and web services exams under my belt. (again, real-world practice made all the difference (in the world).)  (so what does that say about my ability to analyze requirements?  uh… it was a tough test.  i’d like to have a discussion with the authors.) 🙂

– bliz

oh, yeh, one more thing: take a look at this cool gdi .net clock.  if you change the opacity to 50% it works great in the lower right-hand corner of your desktop, always on top.  nice app!

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