Vacation, reading, and DevDays

We’re heading off to the Oregon coast for a few days.  I’m taking my laptop, but all I’ll have is a dial up connection.  May or may not blog while I’m away but I’m sure I’ll have some good items for posting when I return.

I’m taking “Extreme Programming Adventures in C#” by Ron Jeffries.  He wrote it with an interesting take on things, almost as though it’s a documentary.  He’s going to describe how he learned C# and some of the lessons he learned about learning.  It should be a real, uh, learning experience.

And just for fun I’m bringing along the slides for DevDays 2004.  The Portland event will be on 3/17 (Happy St. Patty’s Day!) and in Seattle on 3/18.  Lots of excellent speakers in both cities.  If you haven’t registered, go do it today!

And who knows.  Maybe by the time I return my hosting provider will have my SMTP service working correctly again.

See ya!

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