Weather this nice just shouldn’t be allowed

It’s been a beautiful weekend here in the Pacific Northwest.  Absolutely fabulous.  Clear skies both yesterday and today.  Highs right around 80 both days.  Low humidity.

Prime cookout weather, and it’s only the second weekend of April.  (And yes, the burgers and dogs were delicious, thank you.)

I somehow managed to keep myself indoors long enough to work through some test driven design exercises.  But it wasn’t easy (the staying indoors), and it didn’t last long.  Perhaps I’ll get back to it again tonight.

So what am I doing inside writing a post when it’s 80 degrees outside?  Well, I just washed my Jetta and I’m about to take it out for a spin.  But I had to make a quick comment about the weather first.

Certainly makes the first week of January a distant memory (snow / ice storm that left Portland frozen in for 4 days).

Ta ta!

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