No keys

I was ready to head out this morning at 6:45AM to take Alix to school then drive on into the office. I grabbed my computer bag and started for the door then realized I didn’t have my keys. I looked in the usual places. Nope. I looked in the unusual places. Nope. Not there either. Hm.

I’ve turned the house upside down and I still haven’t been able to find them. I even looked in my car’s ignition switch. Last time I remember having them was when I took Owen back to the airport after our customer meeting. (Owen, you didn’t somehow manage to grab them did you? Nah. If that were the case then I’d be stuck at the airport.)

It feels as though I’ve been punched in the stomach. My head hurts. I’m physically drained.

And the biggest problem is that I only have (had?) one car key. When I bought my used VW last month they only had one key for me. I ordered a spare, but both times I went in to get it they had a mix up. I got a call from the dealership last week while I was at TechEd saying they had a new blank ready to cut – they just needed me to bring the key in again for them to do so. I was going to do that the first of next week.

So here I sit without any keys; with a blank, uncut spare for my car at the dealership, which is not going to do me a rats ass of good.

And I feel like screaming.

[Update: Heh. I feel like such a moron. Heh. 12 hours after they disappeared, my daughter found my keys. They were, uh, well… they were in my laptop bag the whole time. Argh! I must have placed them in that secret pocket that I never use. I searched that bag 3 times and my wife searched it twice. They’re back! Hurray! (And I am a moron.)]

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