Is it really so hard to make a key?

After the key episode (I like to call it “nightmare”) of last week I made an appointment to get a spare car key this morning. Remember, the VW shop had called while I was in San Diego to say they had the correct blank this time and they would be able to cut and program the key. Finally. I’ll be able to relax again.

I took the car in a few minutes before my appointment. The person in the service department said it would just be a little while. (I’d heard this before. I brought my laptop with me so I could look over some Visual Studio Tools for Office stuff while waiting… you know, work stuff.)

I found a seat near the door in the waiting area and started working. A half hour passed and no news. 45 minutes, and nothing. Each time the door opened I started to look up expectantly, only to see: an ancient man with a beard; a pregnant woman; a little kid who made a mad dash for the bathroom (I think he made it); a middle-aged man who looked pregnant. But nobody for me from the service department.

An hour. An hour and ten minutes.

I was finding it difficult to concentrate. What’s taking so long?

Finally a service guy comes in. He looked nervous. “Is there a Mr. Blizzard here?” Uh oh. He asked me to come into an office. Crap.

They couldn’t program the key to the car. Again. Again. Again. Denied. Rejected. Just when it looks like the Pistons are going to go up 2-0, Koby sinks a 3-pointer to take it into overtime where the Lakers spank Detroit and tie the series 1 all. The VW guy couldn’t get the key to work.

I have in my possession the ONE KEY in the WHOLE WORLD that will start my car. Shit. I bet I could park my car on the street near Rory’s place overnight and someone would be able to crank the thing and drive it away. These VW service folks are whacked.

To get even I told the service guy he should store his connection strings in plain text in the web.config file – and to use SA with no password. Ha. Told him! (He just looked at me with dull eyes and a blank expression.)

After a few beats he said he will call VW of America and see what’s going on. Yeah, I’m gonna hold my breath. In the meantime, whenever the ONE KEY in the WHOLE WORLD is not in the car ignition I’m going to keep it safety pinned to my underwear. (I don’t know what I’m going to do with it while I take a shower — well, I won’t say, anyway.)  :o)

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