5 years – where did the time go?

It was 5 years ago today that I first joined the ranks of Microsoft. I had just moved from North Carolina to Seattle.  (Well, I had flown out and was living in temporary housing — Pam and the kids were still in NC, waiting to move out until after the house sold.) Pam and I had spent all our lives in the Southeast. We’d never lived west of the Mississippi River before, so this was our Big Adventure.

I started out as a consultant in Microsoft Consulting Services, in the PacWest District, which covers Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska. The first project I worked on was an e-Commerce site that used Site Server Commerce Edition under the hood. I’d done quiet a bit of work in SSCE in my previous job. For the e-Commerce site I had to come up with the capacity plan and migration strategy for the personalization and membership LDAP servers. Fun stuff, and I was working with some very sharp folks.

I won’t bore you with the history of my life at Microsoft, so let’s fast forward to today… I now live in Vancouver, Washington, (just across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon) and I’m now a Developer Evangelist.  It’s the best job in the world. There’s not as much heads down project work as there was as a consultant (which I really enjoyed), but I do have to stay technical. Plus I get to spend a lot of my time working with some very sharp people in the developer community in the Northwest. It’s all good.

Here’s to 5 more years with a great company.

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