25,000 frozen feet

Flying back from Boise this morning. The weather across the Northwest has taken a turn for the warmer. Highs in the mid-to-upper 80s through the weekend. But right now my feet are about to turn into ice cubes.

Flying out to Boise yesterday morning I browsed through the Horizon Air in-flight magazine. It had an editorial about how they’re trying to keep the interior of their planes cool while on the ground. The Q200s — like the one I’m on now — don’t have equipment necessary to condition the air while the plane is grounded. I can attest to that based on Wednesday afternoon’s flight back from Seattle to Portland. Hot as an oven inside while we were waiting for takeoff.

To combat this, a new Horizon Air policy must have been issued yesterday requiring all Q200s to store up cold air while they can, so it will last through the heat of the day.

So the cabin temperature this morning is set to “freezer” as we fly through 25,000 feet. I hope everyone who flies this afternoon appreciates the cooler air and thinks about the sacrifice paid by everyone this morning.

Note: Aside from the frozen feet this morning, I love Horizon Air. I’m kinda tall (6′ 2″) and I really appreciate the extra inches of leg space they have on all their planes. (I used to fly on United’s shuttle planes — they’re designed for metro-sized people like Paul and Rory.) Horizon also serves Starbucks coffee on morning flights and complementary beer and wine on their afternoon / evening flights. Mm.

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