Had to get a new one

I had to get a new camera today. My old one gave up the ghost. It was a good camera, but recently it had started scrambling the image as it wrote it to the card. I lost a few TechEd pictures because of that, lost most of the pictures I took at the Portland nerd Laser Tag a couple of weeks ago, and when my son took it to school for last-day pictures, most of those were scrambled as well. It might have been the CF card that went bad, but I didn’t want to pay a bunch of money on a new card only to find out the camera itself wasn’t working properly. (Plus I just wanted a new camera. (There, I said it.))

I didn’t go with the ultra-cool Casio like Paul has. It’s a nice little camera and is very easy to carry around, but I needed something a bit less expensive. I ended up buying a Kodak CX7330. It will take up to 3 frames per second, it has a lens cover that automatically opens and closes when the camera is turned on / off, (I really like that!), and it’s smaller and lighter than my old camera. Plus it uses an SD card, and I already had a 256MB one of those available.

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