Portland Nerd Dinner recap

Wow! There were over 25 people at tonight’s Portland Nerd Dinner – and the MSDN team wasn’t the main event. Word is getting out that the in place to see and be seen is with the PND crowd.

After everyone ate, Chris Sells got up and started giving away some “new” clothes. Well – “new” as in “never been worn” – but not “new” as in “made within the past 5 years.” :o) He had a Windows 98 Beta Tester polo shirt (a collector’s item for sure). (But nobody wanted it… I wonder why?) A couple of “COM is Love” t-shirts (I scored one of those puppies). A couple of “DevelopMentor original” t-shirts from 1932. A few XML DevCon (AKA “SellsCon”) t-shirts (those were from last year). A nice fleece pull-over. And the big winner of the night was Stuart who shamelessly out-nerded Rich for the Columbia Sportswear C++ .NET waterproof jacket — it was really sharp and it was new.

Oh, and a number of people — the first 10 or so who arrived — walked home with a brand new copy of “Writing Secure Code, Second Edition,” by Michael Howard.

On the food side, I stuck with a “safe” sandwich from Subway. Rory went with his usual Indian cuisine — and paid the price. Mmmm. Good crummy mall food court food. Nothing like it in the world. :o)

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