Travelin’ man

Flew across the country today. First time I’ve done that in first class. Wow. What a pleasant trip (in spite of the 4 hour lay over in Denver). I ended up using 40K frequent flyer miles to make the trip. (I could have used 25K miles, but the return flight home would have been sometime in late August. United only allocates a certain number of seats to the 25K frequent flyer awards program, and those seats go pretty fast. To be able to make the round trip on my schedule I had to burn a ton of miles. Ah well.)

I had to suppress a laugh when on the leg from Portland to Denver they apologized when the “forced” me to drink from a plastic cup — they didn’t have any glass glasses. And on the leg from Denver to Charlotte they did have glasses made of glass, but I was “forced” to use a styrofoam cup for my coffee. “I’m so sorry you have to suffer with the styrofoam.” Heh. If they only knew I was just a bumpkin and was so happy not to be sitting in my normal “luggage class” seat.

On the leg from Denver to Charlotte I had the first class cabin to myself. Me and 7 empty seats. I tried out each one during the flight. I felt like I was in my own personal jet with a flight attendant all to myself. “More water, please,” and “Just a bit more coffee,” and “May I have another hot cookie?” Fun stuff. Some guy wandered into “my” first class section (from his luggage class seat) and used “my” lavatory. The nerve!

My dad’s memorial service is set for Wednesday morning. In the meantime, John and I are going to enjoy life. We watched “Chicago” this evening. Monday and Tuesday we’re set to play some tennis — just like in the old days — and we’re going to rent “Behind Enemy Lines” tomorrow evening. (I’m also going to create a WEP key for his wireless home network tomorrow. It’s currently sitting wide open with the default userID and password. Hacked into the admin console in just a few seconds.)

It’s good to be back in North Carolina, even if just for a few days.

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