Well, that was fun

Is it supposed to be fun when you’re visiting with your brother and his family – for your dad’s memorial service? Hm. I don’t know what Ms. Manners would say. Death happens. It’s a part of life. (Or perhaps it’s the first part of Death – which doesn’t really count as life.)

But I definitely had a wonderful time visiting with my brother. It had been years since we were able to spend this much time together. We watched a few movies – including Spiderman 2 – listened to him rehearse for his recital, and played a bunch of tennis. (Did you know that Charlotte is a bit warmer and more humid in July than Vancouver, Washington, is? Yep. It’s true. I have the gallons of sweat to prove it.)

The memorial service this morning was good. It brought some closure in a way that I wasn’t expecting. (I normally hate it when people talk about “closure” – but it’s the right word here. I guess I get it now.) My brother and I met with the minister of the church yesterday morning and recounted some stories about growing up in the Blizzard household. He weaved those stories into his message today and made me think about how we all touch people in more ways than we realize. A kind word here, a gesture there… it can make a difference. We smiled and shed a tear or two.

Well, one more night with the bro’ then it’s early to rise. I’m on the 8:00 A.M. flight tomorrow (Thursday) morning from Charlotte to Portland, with a short lay over in Chicago. (Flying first class again, which I’m really looking forward to.) I’ll get to stay home a couple of days – get to see the new paint job in Alix’s room (thank God they painted it while I was gone!  : ), then it’s off to Atlanta on Sunday for ten days to attend a little conference.

Life goes on…

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