Hack! Hack!

After today’s sessions and before this evening’s big bash (Smash Mouth is the featured group) my roommate and I went to work out in the gym here in the Hyatt. I did a couple hundred sit ups about 100 push ups, around 50 chin ups (OK, so perhaps I’m exaggerating) then went to the elevators. Heart pounding. Breathing deep. Sweating bullets.

The elevator arrives and I hop in. And in hops a guy behind me. With a cigar. A lit cigar. Gag! Cough! Hack! My room is on the 15th floor. He pressed the button for the 20th floor. Argh! I dropped to the elevator floor, sucked in a deep breath (not as much smoke down there) and held my breath. Second floor… third floor… fourth floor…. 10th floor – my lungs are burning now – 11th floor… 12th floor – my eyes are about to pop out – must… not… take… a…. breath! 14th floor (thank God there’s no 13th floor!)… and the door slowly opens. My eyes are watering. I’m about to pass out. And then – fresh air! I’m alive!

I don’t mind cigars – I’ve been to smoke one now and again, including a couple this week – but ICK!!! not in an enclosed elevator. Not while I’m inhaling full throttle.

I think I’ll go pass out now. I hope I make it to the party.

Update: I made it to the party and had a great time. And I have pictures to prove it.

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