In the home stretch

After 3 days of pre-conference meetings, a couple of days of general session meetings, today’s the final day of the technical part of the conference. 10 days away from home – seems like forever. I have an 8:30 flight tomorrow morning, and Delta should have me back in Portland before noon. Ah. It’s going to be so good to get back home.

I’m jazzed about today’s sessions – there are a couple that I’m really looking forward to. One of them is about building high end solutions using InfoPath 2003. Another is on designing and building scalable and performant applications in .NET and will be based on patterns & practices¬†content. It’s perfect timing, since next week’s Portland Java user group meeting’s topic is on high performance J2EE apps. And the other cool session is about practicing agile methods using the tools in VS 2005 Team System. It might be tough to get into this session – it’s a chalk talk (few slides, lots of discussion) and is limited to the first 50 people.

Here’s to a good final day at the conference!

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