Where’s my space going??

I have a hosted account with a bunch of disk space at WebHost4Life. Lately my account has been filling up pretty quickly – and I couldn’t figure out why. In the past 12 hours another 1.5 MB disappeared!

I haven’t been posting a bunch of pictures lately (I even removed some of the larger ones from TechEd 2004) trying to create enough headroom for me to limp along.

Couldn’t find what was consuming the space. My e-mail storage doesn’t count in the web site disk quota, so it wasn’t a ton of spam.

Then this morning I found it. DasBlog keeps a log of all the referrers and events in a /logs folder. Yesterday’s referrer log: 1.5 MB. Bingo. So I deleted all those old bad puppies and now I can breathe again.


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