My anti-tweeker bike

As I mentioned the other day, a tweeker stole a couple of our bicycles on Friday. On Saturday, Zach and I went to Portland to look at some recumbent bikes at Coventry Cycle Works. I’d never ridden a recumbent bike before and didn’t really know much about them except that they looked funky. I’d seen a few on the road here in the Northwest, and the folks who ride them always seem to have a smile on their faces. (Not the anguished, twisted face of people who ride the street racer bikes.) So I wanted to check them out.

Heintz, one of the salesmen at Coventry, was very helpful and talked me through the different styles. He let Zach and me take a couple for a test ride through some Portland neighborhoods. Hmmm. Very nice. It was quite a relaxing ride. I can see why the people who ride them are always smiling – it doesn’t hurt. Even Zach enjoyed it. There’s none of the hunched over, wrist breaking position while perched atop a 2-inch wide “saddle” (actually a wedgie creation device) that you get on a typical street bike. I felt like I was sitting in my favorite chair; I felt as though I could have ridden for hours without getting saddle sore or wrist sore. (My legs would have had something else to say, however.)

I would have bought one right then and there. But, alas, recumbent bikes are more expensive than standard upright (hunched over) bikes – even at the “entry” level. I didn’t want to spend $500 (for a base model) just to have it wind up as tweeker fodder. And I don’t ride often enough to justify the cost even if the neighborhood tweeker doesn’t steal it.

So I believe I’m going to go with a low cost, retro bike. I figure that by the time I put a pink basket on the front and those plastic flowing pom-pom-like streamers at the ends of the handle bars, no self-respecting tweeker would come within 10 yards of the thing.

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