The price of living on the West Coast

Sometimes I like to sit and watch a good football game on TV – even a pro football game. This won’t be one of those days. Even though the undefeated Jets are playing the undefeated Patriots, I’m not going to watch. Why not? Because that game isn’t being broadcast here in the Portland area.

Sure, I could pay a bunch of money to get “NFL Season Ticket” – a premium service in which every game played every week is telecast and available. But the thought of paying $219 (plus the basic Direct TV charges) to watch mediocre teams with steroid-bulked-up overpaid self-worshipers who don’t know the concept of teamwork do a dance when they finally make one good play, just to see an occasional good game (like the Jets and the Pats) doesn’t interest me in the least.

This week’s network TV action in Portland, instead of two undefeated teams, is: the Chargers against the Panthers (ugh), the Lions and the Giants (egads!), or the Seahawks and the Cardinals (ick).


There’s always the World Series this evening. (Maybe Manny will try another “graceful” sliding catch in the outfield – that was good comedy. : )

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