English bangers and mash

Mmmmm…. Good nerd dinner.

As Ian and I were deciding on what to order, he said, “I think I’m going to have ‘Bangers and mash.'” Hmmm. Sounded to me like firecrackers and slop. He patiently explained to me that “bangers” are English sausages and “mash” is mashed potatoes. OK. That sounded much better than what I had envisioned.

So we both ordered the “Bangers and mash,” and I felt very British for a while. I even put some “Extra Spicy” English mustard on the sausages, which Ian said was nothing compared to authentic spicy English mustard.

It was excellent food. And lively conversation. There’s nothing like a nerd dinner (although excellent food is definitely not the norm).

Oh yeah… Ian is a masterful cab-hailer. After dinner he dashed out into the middle of a busy San Francisco street and flagged one down like a pro. Very impressive.

Good times.

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