I really like my MSDN subscription and Virtual PC. Yeah, even though I work for Microsoft and can get access to pretty much any version of MS software I need off the corporate network, since I don’t work on campus the network bandwitdh can be an issue (slow). But with my MSDN Universal subscription I usually have everything I need literally at my fingertips. The MSDN DVDs are sweet.

I’m going to be giving the .NETDA user group presentation on Monday, December 6, in Redmond. It’s all about IIS6 for web developers. I was using an old Windows Server 2003 VPC that I had been monkeying with for quite a while and decided I wanted to use a clean image for my demos. I popped open Virtual PC, told it I wanted to make a new image, popped in my Windows Server 2003 disk from the MSDN subscription, and I was off and running. I’m just about done installing everything including SQL Server 2000 and Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Refresh. So now I still have my old VPC image that I can play with plus a brand-spanking-new image that I can use for my presentation.

See you in Redmond on the 6th.

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