Last night was Tennis Tuesday. (Yeah, there was supposed to be a college football game last night, too, but one of the teams forgot to show up. I think USC ended up playing a scrimmage game against the Pop Warner runner up team.)

Back to tennis.

It was pretty cold here last night. Even out of the wind, indoors. Cold. During my first match I was thinking – man, my racket sure is cold. I hope it doesn’t break. Glad to report that the racket didn’t break. Just the strings. Again. Three of them in one massive return of serve (which went into the net). I think it’s so cold the strings are becoming brittle. I need to devise a little battery powered heating element that I can run alongside the strings to help keep them warm.

Heh. I just finished restringing the racket this evening – just in time for this week’s edition of Mens 4.5+ Doubles Night. Hope it’s as good as last week’s.

All this tennis is making me hungry. I think it’s about time for another Portland Nerd Dinner. More on that later….

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