Time to go home

How do I say this, except to just say it… We’re moving. To Tampa. Florida. By the end of February. As in next month.

It’s been a good run up here in the Northwest. I will truly miss the friendly people and courteous drivers. (If you think drivers up here are rude, you haven’t been around.) We’ve been in the great Pacific Northwest for almost 6 years now, but it’s time to move closer to “home.” My wife was born and lived in Florida for 25 years. I lived there for 20 years. We’re from the Southeast, so this will get us closer to family.

I’m changing jobs, still within Microsoft, but in a different role and in a different city. In my new job I’ll be involved with MSDN sales. I’m really jazzed about the new job, but more on that in another post. The DE job? One of the best jobs in the world. I’m really going to miss all the folks I’ve been working with for the past few years, both inside and outside Microsoft. But there’s e-mail and blogs, and XBOX Live.

We put our house on the market yesterday morning. And we sold it yesterday evening. What a relief! We got our price, fair to both us and the buyers. We don’t have a closing date set yet, but the buyers want to move in ASAP, and close no later than Feb 25. But there’s no way we can close before Feb 14…

So, there might be a chance for me to attend one more Portland Nerd Dinner in February. The next few weeks are going to be crazy, but we’ll get by, and I want to see you nerds more time.

My first day in the new role is February 1, but I will continue to support the PacWest geography even if from a distance during a transition period as a new DE is recruited / hired. Anyone out there passionate about developers? Anyone have the right stuff? The job hasn’t been posted yet, but it will be soon. Keep your eyes on http://www.microsoft.com/careers/default.mspx.

It has most definitely been real.

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