Portland Nerd Dinner recap – Jan 2005

Ah, another wonderful Portland Nerd Dinner. Very cozy. Very satisfying. 14 people or so made it out to the mall last night for some fun. Greg brought his ultra-cool Sony Vaio which was loaded with his pictures from his trip back from Hawaii on an aircraft carrier.

1) Nothing is as sexy as an aircraft carrier.
2) Aircraft carriers are soooooo sexy.
3) When I grow up I want to live on an aircraft carrier.
4) Well, maybe a submarine is just as sexy, but on an aircraft carrier you can see the beautiful blue sky in the Pacific Ocean.

Greg, I hope your back gets better real soon!

It was good to see so many familiar smiling¬†faces at the dinner table. Unfortunately Rory wasn’t able to make it – he’s struggling with some lung “fun” which apparently isn’t any fun at all. Get better soon, dude!

See you next time around.

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