A few small repairs

Part of the findings from the inspection of our house here in Vancouver included a number of little things that needed to be done: trim the shrubbery away from the house, repair / replace the sink sprayer in the laundry room, fix the leak at the 2nd bathroom shower head, etc. Little stuff, but important enough for our buyers to want them fixed.

I spent the afternoon knocking around the house, running to the hardware store, and taking care of the little things. It felt good. I had fun trimming the shrubs, working outdoors in the slight drizzle.

For some reason there was something therapeutic about it. Maybe having the TV turned off for the afternoon was part of it. Maybe knowing that each task I checked off the list was another step closer to moving to Florida. I can’t believe we’re already at the end of January and the closing on our house in Florida is less than three weeks away.

Anyway, the few small repairs are just about completed. There are some things that are a little too much for me to tackle. I have a guy coming by on Thursday to do those odds and ends. Then the house will be ready.

And I feel good.

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