Pool maintenance

While I was finishing up high school I was the pool maintenance man for the apartment complex I lived in. There’s nothing like playing with chlorine and inhaling diatomaceous earth, testing the water’s pH level, and “shocking” the pool.

Our house in Florida has a small pool in the backyard. It’s going to seem like old times as I go through the maintenance steps each week. (The three pools at the apartment complex were just a bit bigger, and the filtering systems were huge.) But it’s still going to be fun.

And I found a web site that has some of the basic steps for getting a pool ready & keeping it going through the year. Just putting a link here so I’ll be able to find it later: http://www.thefunplace.com/house/home/pool3.html. The pages will give me a chance to live vicariously for a few weeks until we move down.

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