While I was off this week I went on a 4-hour joyride in my little boat.

I started at the boat ramp just south of Hwy 694 in Indian Shores. I cruised up the ICW, checking out the million dollar homes and almost getting stuck on a sandbar in spite of my GPS.

Along the way I saw the most amazing Holiday Inn ever. The boat slips at the waters’ edge were full of ritzy large yachts. As I came up to it I figured it was some very expensive, posh resort hotel. Then as I sailed on past, I looked back to see the Holiday Inn sign. Still pretty impressive.

holiday inn


I headed north past the Causeway Blvd bridge in Dunedin then circled back down and out the pass south of Honeymoon Island and into the Gulf.

I made the long run all the way back down to the pass at Madeira Beach on the outside (in the Gulf) and was able to make pretty good time. (Didn’t have to slow down for all the “no wake” zones that are rampant in the ICW.)

And I beat a storm that was brewing to the east.



4 hours. 48 miles of fun.  Good times.

Click on the picture below to see a few more photos from the road trip…

green buoy

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