Well that didn’t last long

That” being – using voice recognition software. Too many words sound alike. I type fast. I’ve been doing it so long that I can think and my fingers automatically move. I don’t have to worry about individual letters. I don’t have to worry about where the letters are on the keyboard. If I misspell a word, most of the software I use will immediately let me know.

But, if the wrong word is inserted while I’m talking to my computer, it is that much harder to detect if I’m not paying attention as I’m talking. If I wait until the end of a paragraph to double-check my work, it’s very easy for me to scan right past the wrong word. My brain sees the right sound from the word on the screen – sometimes it misses the fact that it’s not the right word (or words). I may use a wrong word every once in a while when I’m typing, but it’s not common. It’s too common when I’m talking and the computer is listening.

So I’m back to typing full time again.

I might return to the speech recognition software, but only when I have a lot of time.

(Also, this morning I discovered that I needed to warm up my voice before starting to talk to the computer. The first bunch of sentences came out completely garbled.)

Ah well.

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