Gators, frogs, and fish

What do they have in common (besides they live in / near the water)?

They all ended up in my belly yesterday.

Healy and I stopped for a bite at a rustic place on the St. John’s river, on the way back from Melbourne.

The gator and catfish were great. The frog legs were earthy. I tried to pretend they were just funky looking chicken wings, but it didn’t work. They had a definitely swamp-thing taste to them. After we chowed down those goodies we each had a plate full of the best fried sea trout in the world. Yum.

Funny how this is what Florida used to look like all over. Yet only 30 miles east is mega-theme-park-world in Orlando.

Best news of the day, though?

You guessed it: I didn’t explode from gastric funkiness on the way home.

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