Thanksgiving cruise 2007 – Sunday, November 18 – Miami

We drove down to Miami in my pickup truck, loaded with enough luggage for a three-week voyage. We each had two or three changes of clothes for each day. Well, maybe only I did. But it sure was a lot of luggage for a one week trip. (Considering I spent most of the time in my swimsuit, I could have packed extremely lightly.)

Miami is a beautiful place to visit, especially on a Sunday morning. Traffic was extremely light as we cruised across Highway 60 then south on the Turnpike. We made incredible time, including a long stop a one of the rest areas where everyone picked up some sunglasses.

We slid into town early, breezed through check-in, and suddenly we found ourselves on board. Our cabins weren’t ready yet, so we hung out on the deck, already feeling the worries of work drift away.

Before the ship could depart everyone had to participate in the lifeboat drill. It’s at that point that you realize how many people are actually on the ship with you. Hundreds. Thousands. Big ship. But the amazing thing is that we never feel crowded. (Except when lined up during the lifeboat drill.)

Once the drill was over we headed back on deck to watch Miami and the US fade away. The views were wonderful. It’s a tropical paradise down there. The sunset over the city was amazing as we cruised out of the bay and into the Gulf Stream.

1) IMG_0028  2) IMG_0022  3) IMG_0044  4) IMG_0049  5)IMG_0082 
1) Hamming it up during the lifeboat drill. 2) Boats in the harbor just off Star Island. 3) Condo. 4) Condos. 5) Sunset over Miami

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