Thanksgiving cruise 2007 – Monday, November 19 – Nassau

We woke up early Monday morning to find ourselves already docked in Nassau. The seas overnight were gently rocking; we slept great and were full of energy for the day. But we weren’t going anywhere today. We didn’t schedule a shore excursion for Nassau. Last year Zach and I went diving, and were amazed by the crystal clear waters; Pam and Alix went on a dolphin encounter and came back with a video of them playing with dolphins. This year we decided to hang out on the ship and save our energy (and money) for St Thomas and St Martin.

The weather was dreamy – mid-80s, nice breeze, scattered clouds in the distance, and beautiful scenery all around the ship. We spent the entire day lounging by the pool on the Lido deck listening to live music, napping (on deck and in our cabins), and trying to avoid the endless amounts of food available. (Hamburgers at the grill on the Lido deck – excellent. Rubin sandwich from the deli – hearty.) We all spent some time in the gym, definitely the most work of the day.

One of the other ships parked beside us was from the Disney line. They had their little rubber duckies out for a spin, practicing their docking and close quarter navigation. The lifeboats are meant to hold 150 people each. They look built large enough to hold maybe 50. Last year I was able to look inside one. It had little outlines of where everyone’s butt would go… packed together like sardines. Abandoning ship into one those in heavy seas would be a miserable experience.

We sailed out of Nassau relatively early (around 2PM). Apparently it’s a long way to St Thomas, because we had a full day at sea ahead of us for Tuesday. As we were cruising along to the southeast, we continued to relax on deck. I went exploring around the other areas of the upper decks & was amazed with the winds. The wind was coming out of the east-northeast at about 15 knots. The ship was heading southeast at around 20 knots. Those two added together created quite a wind, making it difficult to walk forward. In narrow places such as on the stairs I had to use the handrails to keep from getting knocked off my feet. The water was such a deep blue and the boat was moving fast. Wouldn’t want to go overboard.

Monday night was the first of the two formal nights for dinner. We dressed up all fancy with most of the others on the boat. Some people go whole hog – tuxedos, sparkly evening gowns. The works. We even had our pictures made. We discovered last year that the photographers on the ships are excellent. And the photos are very professional quality. (Something else to spend money on, but well worth it.)

1) IMG_0103  2) IMG_0105  3) IMG_0106  4) IMG_0123   5) IMG_0026   6)IMG_0131  7) IMG_0135  8) IMG_0166
1 & 2) I found watching the ship channel fascinating. Here we are, Monday morning, docked in Nassau. 3) View from the Lido deck. 4) Rubber duckies enjoying a swim. 5) Part of the Lido deck, my home away from home. 6 & 7) Mind your step – it was windy. 8) On our way to formal night dining.

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