thanksgiving cruise 2007 – tuesday, november 20 – at sea

Up before dawn. I’ve slept so peacefully each night that I’m wide awake and refreshed by the time dawn breaks. Amazing. And it goes from dark to light and light to dark so quickly with the sunrise and sunset.

IMG_0178   IMG_0201    IMG_0193 IMG_0219  IMG_0227
Just after 6 AM somewhere southeast of the Bahamas. The sunrise from our balcony Not many folks out and about on the Lido deck. Just give them a few hours. On the map, that big chunk of land in the lower left is Cuba, the one directly south of the boat is Haiti / Dominican Republic.

Speaking of the Lido deck, what killed me were the couple of people who would arrive early every morning and stake out ten or so deck chairs by the pool. The chairs would stay empty until around noon, with the couple guarding them so nobody else could use em. I was always out early, so getting a good spot wasn’t a problem for me (and Pam would join me by 9 AM or so, so the single chair I saved wasn’t a big deal).

IMG_0237 IMG_0141  
A view from the Sun Deck (deck 12). Appropriate name.

I’ll try not to bore you with the (literally) hundreds of sun / clouds / vast expanses of water pictures that I took. The water was endless. Then, still early in the morning we saw something flash across the water. It looked kinda like spray, but it went in a straight direction for about 20 feet then disappeared into the water. Then there was another flash. What in the world? It took a while, but we figured out they were flying fish. Duh. From the 8th deck where our balcony was they looked almost like dragonflies. Amazing.


That night after dinner, I took Zach to the casino. Grabbed $100 from the debit card, and sat down at one of the blackjack tables, $5 minimum. They had a couple of $25 minimum, but that was way to rich for me. Long story short, I quickly whittled my $100 down to $45 in about 2 minutes. I took a timeout. Zach was freaking out (his first time in a Casino, watching Dad fritter away his college money). Figuring the dealer had been on a hot streak long enough I started betting pretty aggressively. I hit a few hands in a row and wound up with $150 in front of me. Then I stood up and we walked away with the chips and cashed out. Fun.

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