thanksgiving cruise, 2007 – wednesday, november 21 – st thomas

Wednesday morning I woke up and we still hadn’t docked. To the west was a rainstorm that we’d passed through, complete with its own little rainbow.

IMG_0252  IMG_0260   
Click on the picture to see the rainbow. At one point we even had a little rainbow right off our balcony. It started at the cabin above us around to the cabin below. Very cool.

We ducked off to another delicious breakfast on the Lido deck (scrambled eggs, french toast, grits, bacon, coffee). One thing about the coffee. It’s really good. I like coffee (love the way it smells), but usually put enough milk in it to turn it into a light brown color (actually, more milk than coffee), and a couple of packs of sugar. Pam drinks hers black. But the coffee on the boat was so good, and I wanted to try an experiment to see how little milk I could drink during the week, so I had mine every time with just half a pack of Nutri-Sweet – no milk. Had it at breakfast, while sunning on the Lido deck, while killing time in our room, with lunch, dinner, after dinner snack. I’ve become a coffeeholic.

We headed back to the cabin after eating and looked  outside – LAND HO! St. Thomas had snuck up on us.

IMG_0261  IMG_0325   
Our first look at St Thomas.

We headed on down to meet our tour for the day: A romp up to Blackbeard’s place (one of many on the island), a winding road ride to a scenic overlook, then down to a beautiful bay where we were able to swim and relax on the beach for a couple of hours. We didn’t know we were going to the beach until after we’d already left the boat. So we didn’t have our snorkeling gear or swimsuits. Luckily (heh, imagine that) they had a shop at the beach, fully stocked with swimsuits. Some of them were extremely expensive. But we all found some reasonably priced, rented a couple of beach chairs, and off we went! The water was gorgeous, warm, and very clear.

IMG_0289  IMG_0301 
  Remember: we’re in Taxi 504! The view from Blackbeard’s.

IMG_0307  IMG_0311  
A tropical bay, where in just a few minutes we were relaxing on the beach and swimming in the clear waters.

After the beach we were taken to the tourist trap shops near the harbor where we stocked up on some duty free alcohol. Our 2 liters of rum and whiskey should last us a few years back in the states. We’re more beer drinkers than anything, but we got caught up in the moment, and the prices were unbelievably low. Oh, and Pam stocked up on some heavily discounted cigarettes (duty free, of course).

That evening at dinner we heard that one of the tour busses had been in an accident and several people from our boat had to be taken to the hospital. Most were OK, but a couple of people had to end their trip and head back to the states because of injuries. How sad. The boat was delayed from leaving a couple of hours while waiting on the folks who checked out OK at the hospital and were able to return to the ship.

RCCL’s Freedom of the Seas departing St. Thomas. It’s cool how these huge ships can turn themselves on a dime without the aid of tugs.

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