Umm, that’s not a fish

Pam and I went fishing last weekend. It was a beautiful, calm day. Glassy water. Air temp 80 degrees. Water temp 72 degrees. Goodbye tomato soup (the 90 degree water in mid-summer wasn’t all that refreshing.) It had been a while since we’d spent a few hours on the water. Pam started the day by catching a couple of nice sized Spanish Mackerel. A few minutes later she caught a little black tip shark. Then I got into the shark action. Caught three in a row, not really meaning to. Then another one at the end of the day. Unusual for us – we’d never caught any in that location, although we’d seen a bull shark swimming in the shallows nearby before. Anyway, these definitely weren’t bull sharks: three black tip and one bonnet head. All around two feet long. Little guys. We were able to release them all after I realized their teeth weren’t two inches long. (But I’m sure they would have really done a number on my finger or hand if they’d gotten in their mouths.)

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