Thanksgiving cruise, 2007 – thursday, november 22 – st martin – underwater

Just back got the pictures I took using the inexpensive underwater camera I bought on the ship. It was pretty cheap (only $15) and it’s reusable (35MM film), so I figured what the heck, it’s worth a shot. The pictures came out pretty good. Sure, it’s a big hassle to have to drop the film off for developing then go back to pick up the pictures & CD a couple of days later. But it sure is a lot less expensive than buying an underwater digital camera for a few hundred bucks.

Anyway, here are some of the results.

c1  c2

Shark’s eye view of the family. Zach, just before a large eel swam out of the hole and scared him to death.



Some little fishies

c4  c5

A couple of shots of the submarine. Even though the sub was in only 15′ of water, I was really wishing I’d had my scuba gear with me. 

c6  c7

Zach, on his way down to 50′ – a new personal best for him. Most of the coral was dead, except for the little bit here.

c8  c9

Alix.   Port holes of the sub. 

Of the shore excursions, the day in St. Martin was the best one for me. Nice waters, nice beach. And we didn’t have to drive around on any twisty, narrow, mountainside roads like we did in St. Thomas. (Although MJ and Magic seem to prefer St. Thomas… they both have homes there.)

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