Saturday, December 15, 2007

I woke up real early this morning and never did get back to sleep. Real early as in 2:30 AM. Ouch. I popped wide awake and figured I’d go check on the software installation on one of my VPC images. One of the long steps had finished and I was able to start the next installation. As I kicked that off I decided to check e-mail (waiting on Pat and Ali of bumfuzzle to reply back to me 🙂 )  then started surfing the web. That was a mistake. It’s so easy to lose track of time… and suddenly it was 5:30. At that point I knew more sleep wasn’t going to happen for a while. I had a tennis lesson scheduled for 7:00 and didn’t want to fall asleep just to wake up groggy a half our later. So instead I played some XBOX Live, Call of Duty 4. That’s a fun game. Favorite part – the way a stun grenade affects you. Bloodshot eyes, foggy brain, slow movements – exactly like I was feeling in real life at that moment.

My tennis lesson didn’t last too long. Jacob is back in town from visiting with his brother in Denver for a few months. He and I hit for a couple of hours on Thursday, bashing the ball back and forth as hard as we could. No points, no scoring, just whaling away at the ball. Good clean fun. Except I broke the strings in two of my rackets. My third matching racket already had busted strings in it from my first-round playoffs defeat in the K-Swiss league. No new free pair of shoes this year. So on Saturday morning, here I was with my 13-year-old backup racket – an old Dunlop that I used to play with all the time. As I took it out, Fernando noticed my different weapon, and made a comment. I explained the broken strings in the other rackets (and that I’m a lazy bum and didn’t want to restring them yet). But, I told him if the strings broke we could just go have some breakfast. Much more appealing for me, after only 2 hours of sleep last night.

So, 20 minutes into the lesson – pop! – the strings broke. Lesson over! I had to smile. Raised my hands in victory. Time for breakfast!

The rest of the day was a foggy blur. Periods of dozing followed by periods of semi-lucidness, mostly spent trying to cure my case of the munchies. By the time evening rolled around I contemplated adding some of the Captain Morgan rum we’d gotten in St. Thomas into my coke, but it would have knocked me out for the count. And Pam wanted to watch Live Free or Die Hard, which I was up for. I managed to stay awake for all but the last 10 minutes of the movie. I woke up and the credits were rolling. Rats. Don’t know how Bruce saved the world. Ah, well….

I updated the home page of, finally changing from the default stuff that Community Server installs to something a bit more interesting. (Just a bit.) But as I was doing so I seem to have broken something. Now every couple of page clicks a nasty error message throws up in my face. Ugh. Probably something I did….

…. later …

I think I found it. I’d put an ampersand on the home page, and included a single quote mark in my blog title (instead of the escaped code sequence that represents the single quote mark). I think one of those two changes was causing the rest of the site to freak out. Hopefully it’s fixed for now.

More rain tonight – absolutely pouring rain with thunder. Just like a good old fashioned summer thunderstorm. The weather service has posted some tornado watches for the area, but it looks like the worst of the storm will pass to the north of us. But, Zach’s going to have to cut the grass Sunday. During the dry spell he was able to get by a couple of weeks between cutting. But with 2 good rains in the past 48 hours, it’s growing like weeds again.

Me? I’m going to spend Sunday relaxing and trying not to think about my trip to NYC early Monday morning. They’re supposed to get pounded by a winter storm with highs in the 30s. Eek…. I still haven’t found my overcoat. Probably because I haven’t started looking for it yet. I guess I’ll spend a couple of hours doing that on Sunday, after hopefully getting a good night’s sleep.

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