The underwater housing that I’d ordered from Amazon.com arrived today, in time for the little vacation Pam and I are going to take on Sunday. For practice I rented a tank from Divers Supply (best dive shop in the world) and geared up for some underwater fun.

The camera is a Cannon PowerShot SD1000. Really nice camera. The instruction manual for the housing had instructions for setting the camera to underwater mode, which helps filter out some of the blueness that’s always there. Sweet. I hadn’t checked out the various modes for the camera until now.

The audio in the video is the real deal – I didn’t add it after the fact. It’s the audio the camera recorded during the filming. It totally surprised me. I wasn’t really expecting it to record any interesting sounds. So far I’ve tested the case in my pool at 5′ with no leaks. It’s rated to go 130 feet deep. If it works as advertised (and it has so far), this is going to be fun!

I was wearing a full wetsuit including hood. The water was a freezing 68 degrees. At first I tried to wade in wearing just the shorty (no legs), but EEK! that was cold. I’m such a wimpo. Ended up spending about 40 minutes in the pool with the camera, practicing swooping down on an object and taking a quick shot.

During the afternoon session I noticed my regulator was acting up. It was seeping a constant stream of air. Not a lot, but enough to have it checked out before the vacation. I switched over to Zach’s and it had a wide open flow – not good. I drove back over to Divers Supply and the tech was able to get me fixed up right away. I left Zach’s gear behind for a full servicing.

When I got back home I hopped back into my wetsuit (COLD! because it was still wet) and did some night photography. There’s not too much interesting stuff in the pool, although I did see an undersea creature. Shocking.

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