Pam’s birthday cruise, part 3 – stingrays

While I was diving the depths off Grand Cayman, Pam, Cindy and Dave headed off to Stingray Island to commune with those violent creatures.

Now they had a great time. Pam even got kinda intimate with one, and has a picture to prove it. She said they weren’t slimy at all, and their mouths were like super strong vacuum cleaners. They were out to eat the hand-fed squid, and weren’t shy about trying to take it from you. They also knew that the blue bucket held the squid. Anyone close to it was subject to a hickey. Women were shouting “Stay away from the blue bucket.” It was a laugh riot.

After playing with the rays for a while they browsed the tourist shops on Grand Cayman. Dave made the mistake of drinking some water out of a public water fountain. Big mistake. That evening he started feeling odd and the next morning went to the doctor. He’d contracted a bit of lower GI fun. They didn’t know if he was contagious even though Cindy hadn’t gotten sick, and to be safe (and to keep the rest of the ship safe), Dave was quarantined to his cabin for 24 hours. Clear liquids for several hours. Ect. No partying for Dave in Cozumel, our next port.

But it turned out he didn’t miss too much. The weather was about to take a turn for the worse.

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