Cayman Island dive video

The first segment is at the beginning of the first dive, starting in 45 feet of water. We were at the top of a wall that dropped to over 2,000 feet. The group huddles up for a moment, making sure everything is working properly. In the background you might be able to hear some of the SeaDoos buzzing nearby. They didn’t have any respect (probably no knowledge) of the rules requiring them to stand off a few hundred feet from the dive flag. Be careful when surfacing! We didn’t stay in the tight group for long, and I wound up at the back of the pack, taking pictures and videos. My dive buddy had a hard time staying down. He didn’t have enough weight, so most of the dive he was feet up, kicking to stay at depth. I could tell he wasn’t having fun.

I was surprised by how few fish there were on the reef. There was much greater diversity on the reef in Roatan Island. Although, I did see a nice, large lobster that would have made an excellent meal for two. And in the video I captured a huge blue angelfish. Visibility was over 100 feet, but since we were so deep most of the colors had filtered out, leaving everything a blue color. Snorkeling closer to the surface in Roatan drove home the point that deeper isn’t always better. Max depth for the two dives was 76 feet.

As we were surfacing I was still shooting video and wasn’t paying attention to where I was. I was watching my depth and ascent rate, but wasn’t looking overhead. I suddenly noticed I was directly under the boat, only a couple of feet from bonking my head. That would have been embarrassing.

Anyway, it was the first time I’d used my camera in its new underwater housing. I was really pleased with the outcome and learned a bunch of things such as when shooting video, pan the camera slowly. So much of my video looked like something out of the “Blair Witch Project” – chased by some horrible underwater creature. : )

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