Isla Roatan – snorkeling videos

The sky was cloudy and it drizzled occasionally, but we were wet in the water anyway and didn’t care. Best news was there wasn’t any wind on this side of the island, and no waves either. And the snorkeling was fabulous. This is a combination of three videos that I took.

The first segment I took above a wall that dropped about 40 feet. After I came up a school of blue fish came swimming by. Unfortunately I was out of breath and couldn’t dive back down on them for a close up.

The second segment is a close up of one of the big blue fish. Gorgeous color. It tried to hide under a small overhang, but it wasn’t too deep and I dove down to it. I had to be careful not to crash into the coral while trying to stay below, keep the camera relatively still, hold my breath, and not pass out from my oxygen-starved brain.

The third segment is above another stand of coral. Towards the end I dive down on some LSU-colored tropical fish. Were these a sign that LSU was going to be national champs? Nah. They were just some pretty little fish just hanging out on a Friday morning.

I wish I’d had a scuba tank so I could have stayed down longer and captured more of the sights. If I ever get a chance to go back, I’ll jump on it.

After snorkeling through the beautiful coral I stopped in some shallow water took a soothing video of some sea grass. In the second video I was in about 4 feet of water, standing above the sea grass. There was just enough flow to the water to make the grass peacefully move back and forth. Above the water in the distance you can easily see one of the two nearby shipwrecks.

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