Storms and strawberries

Right now we’re somewhere over Virginia / North Carolina and we just skirted around a couple of spectacular thunderstorms tonight. Lightning streaked across the sky, filling my window. It was as if someone had electrified large sticks of fluffy cotton candy. We were above and to the side of the storms; the stars visible and shining up above us. Inspirational.

Switching subjects completely…

I ate lunch at a mall in King of Prussia, PA (I love the names of places up north), and bought an umbrella at an Eddie Bauer store before leaving. The purchase paid off. It rained the whole time I was inside buildings, but whenever I needed to go out, the rain stopped. Psych! Karma. If I hadn’t bought the umbrella the skies would have been dry while I was inside, and opened up wide anytime I wanted to go out. I needed a new umbrella anyway, especially one that has auto open and close.

What’d I eat? I tried a Cuban sandwich at the Cheesecake Factory. Pretty good, especially considering I wasn’t in Tampa. I only ate half, though, saving room for some strawberry shortcake afterwards. Ooooohhh. Now that’s what I’m talkin about. It was massive and mouth wateringly good, and if I’d tried to eat it all I would have hurt myself. The berries tasted fresh and were piled high; the ice cream, homemade. Instead of sponge cake, the ice cream was sandwiched between a homemade English muffin-like cake/biscuit. All this, topped with a huge swirl of whipped cream. I could have made an entire meal out of it. Maybe next time I will.

Call me sated.

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