January 24, 2009 – a new member of the family

It started about 2 weeks ago when Pam said "we need another dog."

Uh oh. We already have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 horses. That seemed like a pretty good mix to me.

But Pam wanted another dog – a bigger dog. Well, a BIG dog.

I immediately said "No, we’re not going to do it." Things are nicely balanced and everyone gets along with everyone else.

But she persisted and finally wore me down. Alix chipped in with the wearing down part. Day after day of "oh! look at this one! He’s so cute!" They were trolling all the rescue and dog shelter places.

"Look! This one will be put to sleep on Friday if nobody adopts him."

That’s playing dirty. It was a beautiful. And fortunately somebody (not us) did adopt him.

But with tons of persistence, today we went to look at a 12-week-old German Shepherd / Mastiff mix. A little (big) boy. In Orlando. He was precious. And he was interested in us, in other things. He wasn’t timid.

But he had gigantic feet. We’re talking, this guy is going to be a really big dog.

So we adopted him. He’s ours. And his name is Healy, after the DevFish, since he played a large role in our coming back to Florida.  

Here’s to a long and healthy life for Healy. (Both of them.)

2009.01.24 100 
Say Hello to Healy the younger. . .

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