Monday, January 26, 2009 – Spring is almost here

The weather yesterday & today was amazing. It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve gone trail riding. With the doggie rescue on Saturday we didn’t have a chance to go. So on Sunday I saddled up each of the horses and rode em around in our back paddock for a while, enough to get a good sweat going on them.

The horses

Ben was first, and he was playing the "I want to go back to the barn" game – walking slowly as we headed away from the barn, then almost galloping each time we turned back towards the barn. So I kept him at the far end of the pasture & ran him side to side. He finally got the idea and settled in.

Copa was next. He’s such a fun horse to ride. He wants to go, go, go, and with his natural gate he’s such a smooth ride. He’s a dream. No wonder Pam likes to ride him so much. (But I like riding him in my saddle – hers is too foo-foo.

Then Yankee brought up the rear. He’s so used to having spurs to guide him along – doesn’t take much prompting – just a gentle tap, but that’s what he’s used to.  So there I was in tennis shoes and didn’t want to walk back to the house to put on my boots and spurs. He played dumb. I’d kick and kick and he would barely start moving. I put him through some of his quick turns (which don’t require spurring) and backed him up a bit. Then I used a the end of the reigns to tap his butt, and he started moving. We galloped along for a few minutes, alternating with some rests in between.

Afterwards I gave them all a good hosing off since it was 77 degrees and they were sweating. Fun stuff.

The beach

Later that afternoon, since it was so nice I decided to head over to Honeymoon Island off the coast of Dunedin. It had probably been about 35 or so years since I’d set foot on it last. (I rode around it in my boat last year.)

To Honeymoon Island 002 To Honeymoon Island 003

On the drive out I saw the Goodyear blimp, They’re probably practicing for the Super Bowl that’s coming up this Sunday.

I stopped off at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and looked at some of the boats they had outside. There was this one funky old boat with a big cabin. It was swept way up in the front, and looked like it could take on some big waves. And it had a massive, new 225 HP Suzuki four-stroke engine on the back.

To Honeymoon Island 011  To Honeymoon Island 012

The new engine looked really out of place, but man, I bet you could head across the Gulf in the thing.

After killing some time there, I drove on up to the island. The air on the beach was much cooler, chilled by the Gulf which is still in the low 60s. But the beach was still beautiful.

To Honeymoon Island 027 To Honeymoon Island 032

It wasn’t crowded, and those who were there were settling in for a spectacular sunset.

I didn’t have a coat on me (the air temp was getting into the low 60s by now) and all I was wearing was a fishing shirt, swimsuit, and sandals. Since it was getting so cold (relatively speaking) I headed on home.

I arrived just in time to watch the last of the sun dip behind the horizon.

What a good day.

One thought on “Monday, January 26, 2009 – Spring is almost here

  1. Ian

    (relatively speaking) – Wimp. Low 60\’s is cold now is it?!Glad life is treating you all well though – must find a time to get out to tampa again soon! Sadly our conference this year is in Dallas, which isn\’t anywhere near as useful!Say hi to Pam for me!Ian


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