Tuesday, January 27, 2009 – IE8 RC1 is available

Hey cool! I’ve been using IE8 Beta for a while now and have been very pleased. I love the integrated find capability. And overall it is just way faster than IE7 ever was.

Now the Release Candidate 1 is available. Yea!


Download and install it today: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/beta/

Note: When I upgraded it took a couple of attempts. The first time through the installer said it failed and I needed to reboot. I did, then reran the installer which completed the second time, although it also said none of the extra updates were installed. When I launched IE8 RC1, the notification bar at the top of the window said my add-ins were disabled. The fix, according to the post-installation page on the internet said I should click the Reset button on Tools | Options | Advanced. No way I was going to do that – that would reset everything in IE…. no cookies, all add-ins would be removed, all history removed. Nope. But also on that post-installation page was a note about add-ins and the Windows Live add-ins in particular. Seems they needed to be updated. I followed the link to http://download.live.com and downloaded & installed everything. It did an update in place. (All my Live Mail, Live Writer, etc, settings were preserved and the programs have fresh new look to them.) Next time I opened IE8 RC1, no error messages about add-ins. I’m done.

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