Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The teeth

I managed to get an appointment with a new dentist today. The office is nearby and they don’t keep me waiting long in the reception area. Once in my space shuttle chair I have a couple of minutes to look around.


The room has some pretty cool equipment. They have a computer device that works with an x-ray machine, so the x-ray images are captured digitally and are immediately available. On the computer. Which has a monitor that I can see. And I don’t like what I see.

The rest may be too much information, but I need to write it down to get it out of my system.

The side view of my right jaw. Tooth on the left is #31 and beside it to the right is #30.

Tooth #31 has a metal post and crown from a root canal in 2007. (The metal post was screwed into my jaw during that procedure. Yeah, it was fun. My knees go weak when I think back on the moment. Just like being in love for the first time. Uh, huh.) Tooth #30 is full of fillings that I’ve accumulated over my life.

Both are very sensitive. Both probably need a root canal – I get to see a specialist (and have the work started) on Tuesday. Until then my orders are to “take lots of ibuprofen” which I translate into “you’re going to be in pain for at least another week.”

If #31 needs (another) root canal, they’ll have to remove the existing crown and post, do the dirty deed, then put a new post and crown on.

Oh, joy.

The calf

My visions of raising my own adopted cow came crashing back to reality yesterday evening when the little guy’s owner (my next door neighbor) stopped by. A bunch of his cows had managed to open the gate & escaped the other night. They thought they’d gotten all the cows back inside, but this one managed a clean getaway.

In the fading light we had ourselves another little cow roundup. We corralled him into our back pasture then I took down the planks in one section of my fence, opening the way to his home pasture right beside ours. But, he was pretty worked up and didn’t want to go where we wanted him to go. He made a few laps around the pasture before starting to settle down. Glad nobody was filming the event, cause we looked kinda like dufuses. He finally settled down a bit, and we shooed him along the fence line. He saw the opening and took it. He escaped, this time back to his home.

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