Jiggling in Windows 7 – magic stuff

Earlier this afternoon I was waiting on my next call to start, so I clicked on the desktop and started dragging my mouse around. Fun stuff, making the UI work hard while I’m relaxing. Watching the different sized rectangles race around the screen.

Still waiting for the call to start, I clicked on the title bar of one of the windows and jiggled my mouse around. Something magical happened: all the other windows on my screen minimized themselves. The window I was jiggling around suddenly was the only thing remaining on the desktop. Wha???

I paused for a moment in wonder, then jiggled the mouse again (with the mouse still clicked on that window’s title bar). And all the windows that had minimized themselves restored themselves back to where they were – even with the same z-order.


After the call I fired up Camtasia and did it again to capture the moment.

I love Windows 7.

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