Just a few things to do today

Gotta pick up some hay and feed for the horses Jan Feb 2009 056this morning. I always like to keep at least a two-week supply of both on hand in case things get crazy and I can’t get to the feed store.

It’s so funny how the horses get so focused when it’s time to eat. It’s the same meal morning and evening, everyday. Yet they look forward to it and hang around the barn when they know it’s time for food.

Then it’s off to puppy training school with Healy. He’s been doing such a good job! Such a smart dog. He quickly picked up sit / stay / leave it 2009.01.24 100 / walking on a leash / etc. Only two more sessions to go until he graduates! Last time we were at the vet, they don’t think he’s going to be quite as big as they originally thought. Now the forecast is “only” between 70-90 pounds.

Then, right after puppy school I get to go play with the Hobie for a few hours. Hobie 14 002 Right now the winds have died down completely – finally – after three days of nonstop 15-20 mph winds. The forecast for today says 84 degrees with winds shifting from NE to S at 10-20 mph. Should be a beautiful afternoon for sailing.

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