Monday, April 6, 2009 – at sea

Question to self: is it possible to lose weight on a cruise?

Yesterday while we were waiting on the rooms to be sanitized, Pam and I lounged around on the upper deck and caught some rays. Unfortunately we didn’t have any suntan lotion with us; it was packed in our bags which weren’t delivered yet. So after laying there for an hour on my back I wound up looking a bit like a lobster.

When we got to the room I coated myself with #30. It works that way too, right? Get burned, then smear it on? At least it didn’t hurt, and within a couple of days it will either have soaked in or peeled off.

I popped up early this morning and headed right to the gym. Lifted some weights (but not too much: don’t want to spoil my weakling look) then used the elliptical machine for a half hour. That’s about 15 minutes longer than I’ve ever stayed on one in the past. It actually felt good and I worked up a nice sweat. Suddenly I didn’t feel guilty about the piña colada and couple of extra cookies after dinner last night.

We got on deck by 9:00 and had our choice of lounge chairs. It’s a perfect day – warm breezes, tons of sunshine, almost flat seas.


For lunch we decided to go liquid only – a Mango Tango (lots of rum involved) – followed by a pint of Michelob Ultra. Yummy.

Later we both hit the gym where I spent another half hour on the elliptical machine. Granted, my legs were a bit weaker this time around, but I still burned an extra 330+ calories. Sweet.

Actually, I’m of the opinion that the weight of the food you eat = the weight of you. Heavy food = gain weight. Light food = lose weight. No need to count calories and work out… just don’t eat as much heavy stuff. Simple.

Even so, I’m going to hedge my bets and try to work out each day on the cruise. The gym is only three floors above and a few hundred feet in front of our room. It’s the least I can do.

Killing time until dinnertime. . . somewhere in the Caribbean. 

We took a nap after working out, and now we’re relaxing around on the balcony, waiting to work up the energy to grab some dinner.


Day 2. Another success.

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