Tuesday, April 7, 2009 – San Juan, Puerto Rico

We ate dinner yesterday in front of a marvelous sunset. This morning treated us to another picture perfect start to the day, with warm breezes and sunny skies.

We’re not scheduled to arrive in Puerto Rico until around 3pm today, and we don’t have any plans other than to hop ashore and stroll around Old San Juan for a couple of hours. By noon I look off to the south and notice the island is easily within sight, even through the slight haze.


There’s nothing special about San Juan harbor. The most interesting sight was a couple on a little Sunfish making their way across the bay.


We walked into Old San Juan. The streets were massively packed with cars. At one point an ambulance tried to make its way up the road, siren blaring. They got to the corner where we were (siren still blaring – yes, it was loud), but they couldn’t decide which way to go. Both directions were jammed solid with cars. They headed up the hill and somehow squeezed past the taxis and all the other cars and were soon out of sight.

We worked our way to a nice little alley and found some serenity. There wasn’t any wind, and anytime we stepped out into the sun it was oppressive. We couldn’t find anyplace interesting to stop for a beer, so we just walked around, trying to keep out of the sun.

We headed straight to dinner after getting back on the ship, then went back to the room to relax on the balcony before hitting the hay.


IMG_2690 IMG_2691

Day 3? An OK day. Can’t wait for tomorrow and St. Thomas.

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