Wednesday, April 8, 2009 – St. Thomas, USVI

Have you ever been to St. Thomas?

The harbor where the cruise ships dock (St. Thomas Harbor) is so beautiful. From our room we have a panoramic view to the northwest of the sailboats in the harbor harbor and shopping area behind them. Simply gorgeous. And for a sailor wannabe like me, I was in heaven.


There were over a hundred sailboats in the harbor and I believe I took an individual photo of every one of them. Just like in Puerto Rico, we didn’t schedule a shore excursion, so we took our time on the balcony and watched as one after another sailboat slipped its mooring and headed out to sea.


We sat and watched the dive boats come in, pick up passengers, then head back out for their excursions. We watched the yacht owners hop on their RIBs and motor to the marina, pick up friends, and head back to their boats before heading out for the day.

We ate a relaxed breakfast then headed ashore to do a bit of tourist shopping. After a short taxi ride to the downtown shopping area we walked along the bay front stores, stopping in the ones that looked interesting (i.e., the couple of ones that weren’t selling watches, diamonds, or other jewelry).


We found a little alley that looked interesting, and in the middle was an open air bar.  Pam went into a small shop that made hand-painted hats, while I staked a spot out at the bar. The bartender was a young friendly guy and Pam & I had a good time chatting with him. I tried to buy a Michelob Ultra (my new favorite beer), but even though the coasters had pictures of it, the bar didn’t sell ‘em. Ah well, Amstel Light had to do.


I’ll go to St. Thomas any day.


We strolled our way back to the ship, only a mile or so away. Back onboard we relaxed on our balcony and again marveled at the beauty of the harbor.

Day 4? Do you really have to ask? 

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