Thursday, April 9, 2009 – St. Maarten

Have you ever ridden a FlowRider? I’ll write a separate post about it later, but this morning I took my first spills on one. Fun times.

We’re headed out on our only planned shore excursion of the trip – a sailboat ride & snorkel to the other side of the island and back. The boat? A 65 foot schooner called Captain Morgan. There are only 20 other people on board, and it’s not crowded at all. I move between a spot near the bow and the empty stern of the boat, dreaming of doing this for a living.

The owner and captain, Serg, is a friendly guy with a wiry frame and a quick smile. Eric, his first mate, is also friendly, but for the most part quietly goes about his work – setting the sails, pouring the rum punch, pouring more rum punch.

The waters around St. Maarten are a beautiful blue, and the wind is out of the east at about 15-20 knots. Perfect sailing weather. Along the shoreline are a number of resorts and beautiful beaches.


About an hour later we arrive at our snorkeling spot, which looks like something you’d see in the Mediterranean. A rock cliff with beautiful white cottages perched on top.


Immediately after we’re moored we spot a number of fish under the boat. They’re looking for a handout and Serg doesn’t disappoint them.


Pam & I swim around for a while then relax on the beach. Soon another sailboat arrives and folks start diving from the boats, floating around on noodles, relaxing in the sun, eating BBQ ribs. Now this is the life.

Getting ready for a dive. . .


As we start to head back we find the wind is now directly on our nose, making for an exciting ride. The 4 kids on the boat squeal with each rise and fall – sounds like a roller coaster ride.


When we get back to our cabin we discover the room attendant has created some kind of towel monkey for us. Funny.


St. Thomas and St. Maarten are definitely my two favorite vacation destinations. Beautiful scenery, friendly people, and very relaxing. (Oh yeah, half the fun of the islands is the sail out and back on the ship, being waited on hand and foot.)

Well, only Friday and Saturday remain as full days at sea, with an early arrival back in Miami on Sunday morning. I’m looking forward to doing some more FlowRiding, and Pam says she’s going to give it a try as well. Should be a fun next few days.

4 thoughts on “Thursday, April 9, 2009 – St. Maarten

    1. jimblizzard Post author

      Sure thing – then you could stay at home and help feed the horses while Pam and I are on our next cruise. 🙂

  1. Pam, Eric and son Garrett

    was neat to see that you all were on our same ship.Was the best trip ever! Nice to get feedback on excursions we did not go on for next time! AND THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME! HA HA


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