A little too much fun on the FlowRider

During our cruise last week I discovered the fun of a FlowRider. It’s like snowboarding and slalom water skiing at the same time. (I’ve done both, but never at the same time.)

People trying it out for the first time look like toddlers learning how to walk. Lots of wobbling and arms flailing. And lots of spills. Lots of spills.

I demonstrated how accomplished I was by crashing & burning both forward

and backward.

Pam watched me for a while then decided to give it a try. She did pretty well (especially considering she’d never snowboarded or been on a slalom water ski before, and occasionally has challenges just walking down a couple of steps).

It was so much fun I couldn’t stop – even after I tweaked my back on my second fall of the day. After a couple more hours of crashing & burning I was really sore and knew I would pay for it. I didn’t FlowRide any more, but my time would come. My back would pay me back for the abuse. This was last Thursday.

Monday I paid finally for it. Late yesterday afternoon while I was bending over to pick something up my lower back muscles finally seized up. Felt like someone put my spine in a vise. I took some pain meds and headed straight to bed. And this morning I’m walking around like a toddler taking baby steps and arms flailing around, still on pain meds.

Was it worth it? Well, it was a ton of fun at the time.

Am I ever going to ride one again? I don’t think so.

But if you ever get the chance, you’ve gotta give it a try.

One thought on “A little too much fun on the FlowRider

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