Nobody in the whole world has visited my blog today. Absolutely nobody. I like WordPress because of the blog stat info, but today? Naaa. I-don-like-it-so-much.

Say did you see the video of the transit terminal somewhere – I believe in Norway – in which someone plays "Do-re-mi" by Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music over the transit system loudspeakers? A few people start dancing, then soon the entire floor is covered with dancing people.

Made my eyes tear up for some reason. Don’t know if it was because it brought back some childhood memory, or if it was from seeing so many happy smiling people. Quite a change from the disturbing daily news.

I’ve tried to find the video since I saw it the other day, but haven’t located it. I need to spend a bit doing a serious search. If I find it a gain I’ll update with a link. It’s fun to watch.

Update: Hey! I found it (after about 10 seconds).

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